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Company Profile

Smart House Construction Company was founded in 2017, in the city of Katerini, in Pieria, Greece. The prime objective of the company is to provide services of high quality and innovation in the field of interior and exterior design and the wholesale of a wide range of building materials. Its highly qualified staff, equipped with both expertise and experience, is able to utilize advanced technological and innovative tools, delivering effective solutions for each and every type of building, guaranteeing the work’s quality from start to finish. Starting from the conception of an idea and translating it into drawings and plans, to the completion and delivery of a construction, providing turnkey solutions.
The positive work environment and the continuous training of the human resource contribute and lead to creativity, innovation, flexibility and adaptability in the ever-changing market conditions; values and qualities that Mega Trading advocates and promotes

Products / Services
Smart House
’s specialized staff is able to carry out all the necessary measurements in any location and provide its customers with architectural renderings and professional 3D visualizations.
In addition, a wide range of products that Mega Trading provides includes the following:
•    Integrated kitchen solutions in either classic or modern style or a combination of the two
•    Bathroom furniture, sanitary ware and accessories, as well as complete sets and accessories for people with disabilities
•    Interior, security, fireproof, aluminium and PVC doors and handles
•    Balustrades
•    External shading systems, such as canopies and pergolas
•    Ceramic, porcelain and mosaic tiles
•    Laminate floors
•    Building materials, such as plasterboards and their accessories, bolts, marbles, granites and iron
•    Prefab solutions, including town houses, one, two or three storey buildings, hotel units and other professional spaces and offices.


Smart House
considers the export of environmentally friendly products of great importance. As a result, we have integrated the use of photovoltaic systems in order to achieve energy saving. With the use of these systems, a consumption of 4 Kwatt can be achieved for roofs of 100m². Smart House also complies with all fire protection rules and standards, using slow burning materials of 30 rai scale. Finally, by using Internet protocols and Wi-Fi connectivity, it is possible to integrate smart devices and applications in the everyday work environment.

Human Resources
Smart House’s executives and staff make up the core of the company, accompanied by its partners.
The staff comprises of the following professionals:
•    Architects and Designers
•    Civil Engineers
•    Business Administration graduates
•    Contractors
•    Legal Counselor

Company’s Objective
Work ethic, striving for excellence combined with hard work, are the prime values of the company, guiding every day all its executives, staff and partners towards better and better results, so they can achieve the company’s goal: That even the most demanding of its customers are satisfied with the services and excellent quality of the goods provided, in competitive prices, in order to fulfill all their desires and needs.