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Worktop 12L

Worktop 12L

The benches are an excellent choice for the kitchen any individual & professional.
Searches and selects new textures and surfaces by following trends in aesthetics
and modern design supporting the needs of the market.
Counters are:
- Durable with high impact resistance, abrasion, stains, high temperatures and combustion and various types of scratches.
- Which strong resistance to extreme climatic conditions and ultraviolet UV rays.
- Due to special filters and resins not discolor.   
- Offers a reliable and durable protection against bacteria and give another dimension to hygiene and cleanliness.
- The raw materials used to manufacture countertops products are environmentally friendly and have a long life cycle.

Hpl Surface: 0.7mm
Length: 4.20m
Forms & Dimensions:
Monokourvoi: width 60 cm
Dikourvoi: 40,64,84cm width
Forms: L and U
Radio: R5 and R8
are produced in a simple and moisture resistant particleboard (chipboard)

Everest : Surface in stone imitation leveled with putty style elements and rough details.


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