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Security Door Pivot Flat

Security Door Pivot Flat

Security doors of Mega Trading have certification such as:

1.Wind Resistance: It gives us information about the flow of air from the window when it is closed, depending on the pressure that the air exerts on the frame. So we have a measure to seal the frame.

2.Wind Load: Category 2 Air Permeability (in EN 12207: 1999-11)
                         Vacuum resistance Category C3 / B3 (in EN 12210: 1999-11)

3.Burglar resistance: New improved RC3 values and standards: EN 1628: 2011, 1629: 2011, 1630: 2011.

4.Soundproof: Α) Rw(C; Ctr) = 34 (-1; -2) dB
                          B) Rw(C; Ctr) = 37 (-1; -3) dB
                              (EN 10140-1:2010, 10140-2:2010, 717-1:1996)

5.Thermal Resistance: Α) UD = 1,3 W/(m2 ?K)
                                        Β) UD = 1,7 W/(m2 ?K)
                                             (EN 12567-1:2010)
6.Fireproof: The high-temperature FP13 door defines a temperature resistance indicator 30 minutes. At the same time, the fire resistance index was set at 45 minutes.

Through a big variety of doors covering, you have the opportunity to choose the framework you want, the handle door and of course the lock it suits for your house needs.

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